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In the late 20th century, in the context of China's reform and opening up and modernization, and the influx of new concepts in the field of information technology, the meaning of "enterprise" changed. On the one hand, a large number of "enterprises" have emerged in the non-planned economy. On the other hand, in some new concepts, the meaning is not limited to commercial or for-profit organizations, which are currently mainly derived from the translation of the word "enterprise" in English. Therefore, the word "enterprise" appears in public media in two ways: Gasoline is produced and sold according to the brand name, and the specifications of the brand are regulated by national gasoline product standards and are related to different standards. At present, there are 3 gasoline license plates in China (IV), which are 90, 93 and 97 respectively. The state (V) is 89, 92 and 95 respectively (98 in the appendix). The number of gasoline is divided by octane number. For example, gasoline on 97 refers to a gasoline fuel equivalent to 97 percent of isooctane and 3 percent of n-heptane resistance. The larger the label, the better the anti-knock performance. Depending on the engine compression ratio, you should choose the different brand of gasoline, which will be indicated on the manual of each vehicle. A mid-range sedan with a compression ratio of 8.5-9.5 should generally use the 90 (country IV) gasoline, and the car with a compression ratio of 9.5 should use the gasoline of 93 (country IV). Interest determines the regularity of prescriptive (interest this qualitative rules will determine the amount of the rules), the amount of interest depends on profit, interest rate depends on the average profit margin. Marx further pointed out that, between average profit margin and zero, interest rate depends on two factors: one is profit margin; The second is the proportion of total profits allocated between lenders and borrowers. "The borrower may feel that they are from a rise in the benchmark interest rate in the full impact of ease, but when the highest SVR is priced at 6.08 PC, know some SVRs didn't see a rising interest rates could no comfort. Well, the most recent trend within the dental industry and practices is usually to select locum tenens dentist. They are temporary dentists that appeal to certain requirements of the particular clinic limited to a few days and soon move over to a new clinic. This trend continues to be accepted in the field of medicine since a long time, however the trend has currently influenced the dental practice. One of the major factors behind the rapid expansion of this trend is the demand for dentists has increase along with the numbers of professionals usually are not sufficient to enough to focus on the requirements. As a result, just one individual creates a short lived basis in numerous clinics and chambers. Leakage may occur at the interface of the gasoline pipe, which leads to the use of the air conditioning system into the vehicle. If the owner found the car fumes, deal with gasoline pipeline - open interface to check engine hatch, it is easy to discern does the interface of gas leakage, for a period of time after the leakage surface will appear a layer of oil sludge. If the leakage of the gasoline pipe is found, the interface should be tightened or repaired.